CLIC SARGENT, my chosen charity

My chosen charity is Clic Sargent, it’s a charity for children and young people with Leukaemia and cancer.

It’s a charity very close to my heart and one of the other big challenges I set myself a few years back was also for them and it was the Reading ½ marathon-which I survived! 

When I was a very little girl I lost a sister who was five to pneumonia, which she caught whilst very ill with Leukaemia. In this day and age medicine has come on leaps and bounds and I know if a young girl is diagnosed with it today their chances are much higher and for that I am grateful, as will all other little girls who get to grow up with their big sister.

It’s important for me to support this charity to keep up the great work and help families today deal with the challenges these diseases can bring. This is what lead to me decide to jump out of an aeroplane in their honour !!! Instead of asking for sponsorship in the usual form for the skydive I knew fundraising events would be much more fu and felt that people would be more willing to dig deep. So, I organised a Charity Zumba class which was a great start and now I'm in the process of planning my fourth big fundraising show!!!

I'm so proud of what's been achieved so far and hope to keep going while I have the energy.